How to choose my first ocarina?

There are many types of ocarina; this page has been written to enable you to make the right choice. If this is your first ocarina, we want you to get the best one for you.

Complete beginner:

You’ve never handled an ocarina and you do not have any musical ability. It will be your first ocarina and has to be easy to handle. At the same time, it should allow you to play most famous songs.

For you there is only one model, get a 12 hole ocarina. Those with 4 and 6 holes have a difficult finger pattern to memorize. Multi-chamber ocarinas are made for experienced players. So, 12 holes is the best option for you.

Confirmed beginner:

You’ve never owned an ocarina but you have some musical ability (play other  instruments). You are not afraid to spend time learning to play ocarina.

You can choose a double ocarina because it covers 2 octaves, which means you could play more songs. You could also begin with a 12 hole then move on a double ocarina next time.

Love at first sight:

You do not know why but you love one of the ocarinas that you saw on this website. It looks beautiful or it reminds you the one from your favourite video game. No matter the reason, the only remaining question is "would you be able to play your favourite songs with this ocarina?"

Don’t worry, all ocarinas found here have been carefully chosen. They all are real musical instruments that will allow you to play great songs.

Tessitura: Soprano, Alto or Bass

Now you know what type of ocarina you need; you have to choose tessitura’s ocarina.

Soprano’s produce high pitched sounds whereas bass and contrabass produce low pitched sounds. The most common choices are alto and tenor ocarinas. But it’s up to you; no one can tell you what you prefer.

Please note  that the lower pitched the ocarina, the bigger and more expensive it becomes.