General terms of sales

1. Intellectual property

No matter the purpose, no one is allowed to use this website content (videos, sounds, graphical creations, pictures, text content …) without prior editorial director authorisation.

2. Ordering

Purchases can be made online only on this website. To buy a product on this website, the customer must create an account before or during purchases. When the customer creates an account he must fill-in all creating account form inputs.

If any technical problem occurs or if a product is out of stock, the webmaster or the seller can refuse the transaction by issuing a full refund to the customer.

3. Product prices

Product prices may change, the correct price is displayed when the customer pays for the purchases.

Prices include taxes but do not include shipping fees. Moreover if there are customs fees, they are not included in the price.

4. Payment type

To pay for purchases we only accept PAYPAL payment type. This payment type is totally reliable and secure and allows customers to pay directly by credit card.

5. Shipping

Depending on sellers and the courrier, delivery time may vary. We estimate around  5 working days to deliver a package. The courrier  is EMS. Only the shipping price displayed at the end of the order process is the good one.

If the shipping time exceed 10 days after order’s day, the customer has to send an email at before 14 days after order’s day. If the customer does not send this email on time to warn the seller and if the parcel is return to the seller for any reason, the customer will have to pay 20 € to get his parcel, this payment has to be proceed before 14 days after the parcel return. If the customer does not pay this amount, he will be refunded of the order price but 30 € will be kept by the seller to cover overhead expenses one month after the parcel return.

The parcel can be sent one or two weeks later the purchase if the seller is unavailable.

6. Customs clearance

When a product is sent from overseas, it’s price may sustain custom clearance that the customer must pay when he receives the purchase. The customer must accept this additional payment.

Custom clearance depends on the custom’s country, the value of the product,  shipping price, insurance … For more information on this matter please contact your coutry’s custom service.

Most of our ocarinas are sent from Taiwan.

7. Guarantee

When a customer buys a product using this website, he has fourteen clear days after receiving the purchase to return the product and be fully reimbursed. In this case, in order to be fully refunded with the amount paid for the product, the customer must contact us by using this website contact form before the end of the fourteen days. The customer sends back the purchase and will be refunded.

The customer pays all shipping fees, refunds do not include shipping fees.

In order to be refunded the customer must send back the complete purchase, when the seller receives the product he will check it, if it is damaged or incomplete, the customer will not be refunded and will have to pay shipping costs again to get the damaged or non complete product back.

8. Reimbursement

If the customer uses his retractation right and he respects the agreed time periode and the product arrives complete and undamaged, he will be refunded of product price as soon as possible by Paypal, via bank transfer or by cheque.

9. About seller

This website aims sell the best ocarinas. To do this we work with an ocarina expert company charged to sell the ocarinas:

Ocarinas made in China :

FOCALINK INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD.Portcullis TrusNet ChambersP.O.Box1225ApianSamoaEmail :

10. Pictures

Pictures may do not reflect the real product as products may have several versions.


Last update 05/11/2022